Poodle Henry Franklin Hargrove

Smiling Poodle Henry

Poodle Henry Franklin Hargrove
 April 22, 2004 — July 24, 2017

We are heartbroken to say goodbye to Poodle Henry. Words cannot describe the joy he brought to our lives. It was an honor to live with such a grand being.

He left this life adorned in flowers from the Indian Temple at Kalachandji’s in East Dallas. Holy dust from the Holiest Site in India was placed on his head. Holy water from another site in India and Tulsi Leaves were placed in his mouth. His body was sprinkled with Frankincense Oil.

He was very robust, but in the last three weeks his body was ravaged by a sudden, aggressive intestinal lymphoma.

He had quite a life. He ran on the red dirt road at the farm, upstaged models on the runway at Neiman Marcus, posed with people at my toy signing events, knew his right from his left, not once did he ever potty in the house…not once, and was an all around good guy.

Mac and I are fortunate that he serendipitously happened into our lives thirteen years ago. We will talk about him for the remainder of our lives.

When cell phones developed good cameras, Henry’s life became a photo journal. He was fabulously photogenic…and if I see you, I apologize now for wearing you out with stories about a very grand poodle I once knew.

Henry with his hair down

Henry with his hair down.

Henry and Mac

There are lots of shots of Mac kissing Henry, but this is my favorite. They are wearing the same color…charcoal.

Henry was a pillow hugger. Yes, he really did sleep this way.

Poodle Henri

He was created into the toy line for Neiman Marcus in 2005.

The standoff

The Standoff.

Henry, angel painting and santa

A Poodle, A Santa and An Angel.

He wore many hats

He wore many hats. His coat was from Harrod’s in London.

Poodle profile

A very pointed profile. (Photo taken by Mike)

Mike and Henry taking selfies

Mike always took care of him when were out of town for a day. He would pick up Henry’s lunch walk or the dinner walk. Mike and Henry were excellent at taking selfies.

Mike and Henry selfie

Mike and Henry selfie…still smiling.

French Bad Hombre (taken by Mike) clearly wanted to do something that Mike wouldn’t let him do.

Never leave a poodle alone with your cell phone

Never leave a poodle alone with your cell phone. (Taken by Mike)

I told him it was time to get up.

I told him it was time to get up.

He liked his eyes covered

He liked his eyes covered. It helped him get his beauty sleep.

napping on blanket

Napping on his red Indian blanket

A new Christmas toy from his Mama Luann.

A new Christmas toy from his Mama Luann.

Rocking the Beyonce hair.

Rocking the Beyonce hair.

Just throw the ball, please.

Just throw the ball, please.

My favorite family photo.

My favorite family photo.

Waiting in the park.

Waiting in the park.

Close up.

Close up.

Henry and Mac stopped by my studio.

Henry and Mac stopped by my studio.

Henry in an illustration

Henry made it into my illustrations. Although he never broke a leg, he did break his toe in a ball playing accident.

Car rides were daily. This was taken a few days before his passing. He was so beautiful, you would never know he was sick.

Henry’s massage therapist, Stacey Minshall-CCMT of Peaceful Paws Pet Massage stopped by every other week.

Sleeping beside his cat.

He loved cats and had his own cat, Harold, whom he was never far from.

Sharing his food

Cat Harold would always tease him and try to take a bite of his food. Henry ate with his ears in a ponytail holder.

Profiles with Harold.

They shared a lot of the same interests.

Getting an X-Ray

He was so good natured, he thought getting an X-Ray was fun.

Mike came to see him

Mike came to see him when Henry wasn’t feeling well.

We stopped by the Indian Temple at Kalachandji’s in East Dallas for blessings and a flower lei from the temple altar.

One of my only pictures with Henry.

One of my only pictures with Henry. I was always taking the pictures.

Poodle Henry came to us from Janet and Allen Kingsley and Luann Wilkinson when he was four-months-old. I had always been fond of standard poodles because customers would bring their poodles to see me at Neiman Marcus toy signings. We decided a standard poodle was the closest thing we could come to for a child. For thirteen-and-a half-years Henry was the best child anyone could ask for.


Phebe Phillips lives in Dallas, Texas

Originally published at Phebe Phillips Blog.