Tent Rocks Santa Fe and My Favorite Restaurant


Are you headed to Santa Fe in the near future? If so, then hiking Tent Rocks is a must see adventure, and if you’re not, then you need to speed to the Southwest as fast as possible.

This Other World is located about 45 minutes out of Santa Fe toward Albuquerque. The native name is Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. If you want to feel like you left Earth and entered a Star Trek Episode, then this is one of the Earthly places.

Below are a few photos from the trail of this Other World.

Tent Rocks
Other World Path at Tent Rock
Tree Branch
Rock Sediment at Tent Rock
Another Path at Tent Rock
Tree at Tent Rock
Under the Rocks
Window to the World at Tent Rock
Tree and Tent

And…if you are in Santa Fe, stop by to see Bartender Geraldo, and his Guadalupe tattoo, for some Divine Intervention with Blood-Orange Margaritas (Alcohol-Free Option Available) and Red or Green Chili Enchiladas (Vegetarian Options Available) at La Choza Restaurant. My favorite-every-meal is an order of Blue Corn Burritos with Red Chili, and added Vegetarian Posole and Spanish Rice. It’s more fun to sit at the bar counter instead of a table. (To sit at the bar, you must add your name to the blackboard by the cash register).

Serving Monday-Saturday Lunch (11am-2:30), Dinner (5pm — 9pm) CLOSED SUNDAY (sad face).

Bartender Geraldo at La Choza in Santa Fe
Phebe driving to the SW

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Originally published at Phebe Phillips Blog.