If you follow a top esports team, there is a good chance that you’ve been exposed to a continuous video series they produce. Chances are also, that the episodes are shaped like a documentary, and invites you to be the fly on the wall, in situations you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

That sounds pretty accurate, right?

While traditional stick and ball-sports are still trying to grasp how to increase accessibility to players, staff and back-office, esports have been doing it since its inception. …

Game Changers is a series of posts about concepts and activations, that change the way we look at marketing in esports and gaming.

It’s not often that a multi-million dollar game gets announced on the same day that it is available for public play. The usual dance between developers, publishers, press and fans involves CGI trailers, short demos at tradeshows, more trailers, maybe a weekend-long alpha or beta-experience for a small audience, which will then feed into a bigger beta, and eventually a crappy launch, followed by excuses and months of bugfixing.

Usually that’s how it happens.

With Apex Legends…

North’s training facilities in Telia Parken, F.C. Copenhagen’s home ground.

As I promised in my original mailbag-post, I am going to answer almost any question you put me to, and the first one was posted by the brilliant @saadsawar, CEO of Level99 (a kick-ass esports agency).

Saad’s question was:

How does marketing an esports team/brand differ to that of a club like FC Copenhagen

Before going in too deep, I have to point out that while I at times work with people from F.C. Copenhagen, I am not privy to their core strategy or business goals. …

I have an overarching personal goal for 2019, call it a New Year’s resolution if you want:

“I want to be better at acknowledging what I am not good at, and asking people who are good at it, what to do to become good”.

Simply put, I want more people to share their knowledge with me, and help me grow. That doesn’t work without reciprocity though, so in 2019 I intend to help people the same way that I want to be helped.

So here’s the deal:

  • You can ask me (almost) anything about North, esports, social media, marketing, content…

Almost 4 years ago, I wrote that “People don’t care about your brand… People care about people. I still find that to be true today, but in the meantime I have also learned something else: Content marketing is not only for the rich and famous — content marketing is for anyone.

I love content marketing. I always have. I probably consume several pieces a day when I am at work, sometimes even without thinking about it.

In fact, using content to drive marketing has become so commonplace, that platforms like YouTube and Facebook, have had to implement checks to help…

“How do I get a job in esports?” is a question I’m getting rather often these days. I always try to answer it in earnest, using the information that people provide me with, but I have never sat down and thought through a coherent answer.

For me the transition from working as a voluntary editor on an old Danish Counter-Strike site, to working at full time as a marketing manager in North, has been a 15 year journey. It didn’t happen over night, and it certainly didn’t happen without a lot of hard work. …

A couple of days ago, a Twitter user DM’ed me to ask for advice. He was a graphic designer who wanted to get into social meda marketing and asked what he could do to improve his chances of getting work. Essentially his problem cam down to this:

“I have no actual media management experience, but every job requires social media experience. How do I break the cycle and land a job?”

It can feel like quite the conundrum at first, but it is actually solvable. …

Originally posted on phedemark.me in February 2016. Some links might not work due to me changing the website from Ghost to WP.

So… as I was alluding to in this post from December 31st, I got the opportunity to follow my heart and work in Esport in 2016. Back then I couldn’t announce the new name, but now it’s not a secret anymore. So yes, I’m working with Astralis.

Now the launch of Astralis has obviously influenced my blogging, or lack thereof, and my idea of posting 1–2 times a week died in flames during January. …

A few weeks ago I had a discussion on the Internet about social media data. It sounds like a futile exercise, and for the most part it was. It however spurred me to write something up on the matter, so you could say it wasn’t all bad (you would be wrong though, arguing on the Internet is as bad as it sounds).

One of the biggest fallacies that I come across when I see discussions about social media, is that your data is a gold repository that can be effortlessly mined. …

If there was ever a time to talk about trust and VW it’s.. ehrr.. gone.

I have a friend who works with social media, that routinely tells me how many sales he has been driving with his latest campaign. That is fantastic, and he’s always a good resource when I need a second opinion on how to optimize one of my own campaigns for sellthrough. A few months back the brand he works for, ended up in a tricky situation where one of their products received a storm of complaints from their customers.

When I met him after that incident, I asked him if they used their community to help them out, as an influx…

Phillip Rasmussen

Working with digital things in gaming and esport. Writing things on the Internet. I have opinions. Please forgive me.

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