Joseph Jablonski

The point isn’t who’s a Nazi and who isn’t (though the entire Republican party declining to acknowledge Jews were victims of the Holocaust doesn’t look good…) but that demanding empathy assumes all groups are on the same footing in terms of political power and personal stake.

But in reality there are not merely “Trump supporters” and “the Anti-Trumps.” There are more than two sides, and not every side is able to have their views hashed out on the floors of Congress.

To say that *I* need to understand the viewpoint of those who would have me excluded from public spaces and subject to electro-shock “conversion therapy” before I was even eighteen years old is to say that I am somehow complicit in my own abuse by governmental powers.

If your parents are past the ability to empathize with a child who is told that she is dangerous to other children simply for existing, (or with a child who is fleeing from war) (or a child whose parents have no access to health insurance) then it is not up to that child to empathize with them in turn.