5 Simple Questions to Ask Your Guard House Manufacturer

To assist in the decision-making process when buying a guard booth, there are five simple questions that you should ask the guard house manufacturer. With the provided responses, you will know whether this is the right company to work with or not. Considering the important role of portable guard shacks, choosing the right manufacturer is imperative.

1. Can a guard booth be enhanced for better security? — Although these booths are a major component of any perimeter security plan, threats are often higher at certain facilities, including government buildings, chemical plants, refineries, nuclear facilities, corporate campuses, and military installations, among others. For that reason, security customization is critical. This includes things like blast-resistant booths, portable guard shack with sliding gun ports, unique exterior lighting, and so on.

2. What materials are used in the construction of the guard booths? — Obviously, you want a booth that is fabricated from the highest-quality materials available, both inside and outside. Not only does this include actual construction materials but also windows, doors, and an appropriately-sized HVAC system to ensure optimal climate control for the individual manning the booth.

3. What are the options for security guard house design? — Most guard booth manufacturers have their own design aesthetic. However, because these booths should blend in with the surrounding environment but also provide staff with a comfortable place to work, you should ask about both standard and customized design options.

4. What amenities are available? — Especially if a guard booth is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is important to make the space comfortable. Ultimately, this will boost production and enhance safety. Some of the more common amenities that customers ask for include heating and air conditioning, restroom, mini-refrigerator, cabinet storage space, landline phone capability, shades to block out the sunlight, special locking doors and windows, and a control center.

5. Can the deadline for installation be met? — Typically, all guard booth manufacturers require a certain amount of lead time for the delivery of prefabricated guard shacks. However, if a schedule is agreed on, you want some type of guarantee that it will be met. After all, there is additional planning involved on your end so it is important that everything comes together accordingly.

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