A man is presently lying unconscious by the side of the road in Iyana-Iba, Badagry expressway, Lagos. He was pushed out of a moving bus, popularly called ‘Coaster’, and the bus zoomed off.

A witness who sells garden eggs close by said she was arranging her goods to sell when she heard a thud and turned around to see the bus move off.

She raised an alarm, calling to the other female traders nearby but they were all afraid to take any action.

“It happened like one or two hours ago, in broad daylight,” She said in pidgin English.
 “I was arranging my market when I saw a coaster bus. I looked away then immediately I heard a sound, like someone was falling down. I turned and saw the man on the floor. I started screaming, calling other women but nobody could do anything. The coaster just went like that.”
 The woman also revealed that the body of the man has been searched for a phone or any means of identification, but they found nothing on him, not even money. It is believed the people who threw him off the bus took all that from him.

Another witness said she believes he was drugged in the bus and disposed of all his properties.

No one is sure whether the man is alive or dead. So far, people have just been passing and looking at him curiously.

They found the body at about past 4 p.m so based on the time the market woman gave, the incident probably occurred between 2–3 p.m. today, yet nothing has been done.

Source: http://ift.tt/2jP7cgg

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