Penomet Vs Bathmate: The Only Thing To Consider is How Much Money You Have And Your Starting Size

You’ll Get The Same Results Regardless Of Which One You Buy

Penomet And Bathmate Do The Exact Same Thing And Will Get You The Same Results

Both the Bathmate and the Penomet are penis pumps that use water, air pressure, and a pumping motion to increase the size of your penis.

Regardless of which one you buy these are some of the results you can expect to get.

  1. Increase Penis Length: Both the Penomet and Bathmate can increase your penis length by 1–3in. Within 60 days of either using the Bathmate or Penomet you can gain 1inch in length. Most people gain 1inch in length their first month.
  2. Increase Penis Girth: Both the Penomet and Bathmate can increase your penis girth by as much as 30%. Most people gain 1.5 inches in girth within the first 60 days of using it.

3. Optimize Sexual Health: Both the Penomet and Bathamte stretch your penis and expand the penile veins. Therefore, your blood flow increases. With increased blood flow you will intensify your orgasm and increase your sexual stamina allowing you to last longer. It addition it helps fix condition like erectile dysfunction.

4. Stronger, Harder, Erections: Both the Penomet and Bathmate work by pumping blood to your penis which creates harder, stronger, erections allowing you to last longer.

5. Completely Safe To Use: Unlike traditional pumps that use air pressure (dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing), both the Penomet and Bathmate use a combination of water and air pressure which makes it a safer option.

6. Only 15min Per Session: Both the Penomet and Bathmate are easy to use. It only takes 15min out of your day which you can do while taking a shower.

You’ll Love The Penomet Or Bathmate Regardless What You Get

“Love My Girth Following A 15min Session

“I am using Bathmate for a week. Today I used Bathmate for 16min and my dick looked great (much longer and thicker when flaccid) but it only lasted for 20min, and then went back to normal. It is very important for me to get girth.

I guess it’s normal because my penis isn’t used to the expansion, so the more regularly I use it, the sooner my results will stay for a longer period of time after use.

Love my girth following a 15min session. I am only using Bathmate. I stopped doing Jelqs because I don’t have time, so I only spend 20 min a day pumping”

— Mohsen

“Common Problem I had Was Over Pumping

“I have used other pump systems in the past and one common problem I had was over pumping. This can lead to the head becoming blistered. With the Penomet system, you can achieve the perfect pump every time with no over pumping issues. This works great for me in the morning when I shower. I have had mine for 5 months and have seen a 1/8” gain in girth and length. Now this may not seem like a lot, but it’s like building muscle, it takes time. The only issue I have is I want to pump all the time for that full, thick feeling!”

— James

“Good First Pump

“Good first pump. If you are beginner and never used pumps before, you will really enjoy it. Good pressure and very fun use. Very simple and you do not need instructional video. I am 40 years old and can feel it brings blood back to my penis. Love it”

— Tyler

“The Confidence Element Has Been My Unsuspected Gain

“I’ve been aware of male enhancement for a while. In fact I’ve used a competitor’s pump before, which switched me on to the safety of hydropumps; but it had limitations. I was unable to adjust the pressure as my penis got used to it. I rapidly reached maximum girth, leaving painful ‘rings’ on my penis as it was pinched by the gaiter. Changing to Penomet solved these problems. The extra girth and length of the pump offered additional growth opportunity. The inter-changeable gaiters have given me more scope to strategically increase the pressures my penis is exposed to in a structured, progressive way not offered elsewhere. The confidence element has been my unexpected gain; knowing that just a short pumping session will leave a noticeable results has really made a difference. Finally, when I had a query with my order it was resolved nice and professionally, leaving me v. happy with Penomet.”

— Luke

Since Penomet and Bathmate Do The Exact Same Thing You Should Get The Bathmate Because Of The Price

thmate Hercules and did research on the Penomet there was no reason for me to buy a more expensive pump that does the same thing as the Bathmate Hercules.

The Bathmate Hercules is $110 while the Penomet is $297. That’s a big price difference.

I actually did a review on the Bathmate Hercules that you can check out HERE.

P.S. You Can Order the Bathmate Hercules here on their official website.

You Should Only Purchase The Penomet If Your Penis Is Already Huge.

The Bathamte Hercules is great for guys who’s penis size is under 7in and want to get to 7in and above. The Bathmate Herucles might not be so great for guys who are already 7in and above and to get even bigger for what ever reason. The Bathmate Hercules will not be able to fit you at some point.

For guys that are already big (7in and above) than the Penomet would be a good fit for you.

P.S. You Can Order the Penomet Here On Their Official Website.