You talk about an Apple product but use Galaxy(Android) examples??…
Jorge R

Funny that, I hope it’s not a Samsung-Apple fan fight. 
Just to get your facts clear, Android introduced face unlock a long time ago (somewhere in 2012), and then dropped it after a year just because it was less secure. Of course it was not that hardware stuff as of that apple is using, like the infrared dots etc.
But i guess “The best predictor of future behavior is … past behavior” and apple has done this before, with the Touch ID (we all have seen the videos of phone being unlocked by the cat’s paw).
On the other hand, Apple’s Software don’t even have an open source code, we can’t even verify if the software is doing what they are telling us it is (The iPhone X didn’t unlock in the release event, was that a pre release bug, i doubt!!).

I guess here the point of this post is - if you really are concerned about the security of the stuff you have on your phone, then keep the code in the mind and not something that is physically available to everyone - like your beautiful face

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