Everyday is new. Everyday you learn something. Everyday you realise something. Everyday you realise how foolish you had been the previous day. How the regrets keep piling up like that in the Tetris game and the only thing you can do is to keep moving on without worrying about the regrets, because regrets are the past, action is the present and worries are the future. When someone disengages from the past and present, that is when you realise something. You feel something. Something which is rare in the days of distractions, notifications and courtesies. When you stand still in the ever flowing tide of time. You realise that your life is itself a moment which is static in the grand scheme of things. There is no difference between a second ago and the next second. Time stops. Time stops having any meaning. Time becomes a human created concept which looks alien to you. You surrender yourself. You become vulnerable. But by doing that, you attain an odd courage and freedom. You transcend the things going on around you. Your head becomes light. Sometimes, all you need to do to achieve your dreams, is to stop chasing them. To stop dreaming about them. To accept the things as they are now. To be happy right now. It’s only after you surrender yourself, you gain the freedom to move forward. There is no passion to be found. There is no holy grail waiting to be discovered. The world is perfectly fine with or without you. The world doesn’t owe you anything nor do you owe anything to it. It just exists and will keep on existing, much after you cease to exist. My friend told me that if you are not happy right now, you won’t be happy anytime in future no matter what happens and I agree with him. Our imagination is far more superior to our achievements that a person becomes enchanted and satisfied by just imagining it that most of the dreams remain just dreams. Don’t have faith in your dreams. There are bitches (couldn’t find a better word, perhaps an excuse or perhaps I am just tired). A person is just one conversation away from a change in his life. I wish everyone gets one person who strikes some intelligence in him. No amount of book, no amount of introspections helps in some cases. But that’s fine. Everything’s fine. Accept the flaws, the good and the bad things.

If you happen to read this things, just ignore all the rubbish above as I have written it simply because I want to write and I am under no moral obligation here to either impress someone or gain likes. My salary thankfully doesn’t depend on what I write over here. So I don’t feel the compulsion to write clickbait headlines. Since there is a pile of shit swimming around in the name of non-fiction, why not I also write. Answers always are within you and not in some booker-prize winning book. The value of the booker-prize novel is not essentially the novel, but the thoughts of the author who wrote it as writing a book is no easy task and I appreciate them who do it.

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