The light - part 1

He carried on and on. A small star of light fixing him in this terrible blizzard. Sometimes he lost sight of that light, but soon it would emerge flickering guiding him amidst the falling snow and skin piercing wind. His feet were becoming heavy because if the snow accumulating in the crevices of its body and also because if decreasing energy levels. His rational mind calculating the decreasing probability of his reaching that village from where the light was emanating. So he carried on for five days like this. Only stopping sometimes during the day when he wasn’t sure the direction in which he is supposed to be moving. The lights could only guide him during the night. He has to rely on his instincts during the day. 
Night by night, the guiding light grew bigger filling him with hope. After 10 nights of grueling journey, he thought that he could reach that light before the break off dawn. But it didn’t happen on that night, nor the night later. But on the twelfth night, he reached a small snow hill, crossing which he would reach his destination. He climbed the hill with much anticipation and curiosity, having forgotten the tiredness of the long journey. Finally making one last effort and pushing himself up, he reached the pinnacle to see a sight which he had not imagined.
A man sat there with his back towards him on the ledge of a small hut. The hut was probably the only hut within miles. A bright light was emenating from the stick which the man was carrying on his side held vertically aloft.