The man who sold the world

“How much?”

“How much are you willing to give?“

“How much would I be willing to pay for a planet ruled by flawed creatures who don’t even understand themselves. This planet would not have much value in the market, I daresay even if its of your making. How much I am willing to give for that planet. Not much, I would say.”

“560 chimes”

“Are you sure, you want to sell it for 560?”


“Although its not a very low price, but I’ll give it to you since you need it at this moment of need”

“Its yours now then. Goodbye.“

“Kai, why did you sell the Earth at such a low price. You know you could have sold it at a better price?”

“Even if I could have got a better price, how would it have made any difference to me. I would prefer him to use his wealth for the Earth and its inhabitants. Besides I wanted him to leave my place as quickly as possible.”

“You don’t realise what you have sold. Its not just the planet, its the culture, the stories of every warrior who faced adversity, the legends of the kings who ruled the kingdom, the myths of the beasts who roamed the Earth and every person who held dreams in its eyes“

“Cooper, I know what I have lost. I have lost much more than what you think but this was the only thing to do and I did it for myself. Myself alone.”

He lay in the bed, staring at the ceiling. He was no longer listening to him. His thoughts were all about a young girl who lived in a small town of Akinsale on Earth and how much he had started liking her. For him, no price could have matched that.