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This is my first article on Medium, and I never imagined to write my first with the current title :)

When I had arrived in the United States a couple of years back for my Master’s at Rochester Institute of Technology, the first course I had taken was a research based one (Scholarship in Information Sciences and Technologies).

There our professor, Dr. Charles Border asked us to brainstorm and come up with ideas that interest us the most. I had become a big fan of the object detection and tracking space by then and wanted to do something in that.

I read a number of news articles online which highlighted this problem of potholes not only in my home country India but around the world, which helped me come up with this idea of pothole detection on the go!


Nirbhay Pherwani

Applications Engineer@ReachMobi | Applied AI | Full Stack SE | IITB MII, 9 Hack Wins | RIT

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