Imagine Dragons taps Dubai-based Filipino Designer for Thunder Music Video

Ignacio Loyola, a Filipino award-winning designer based in Dubai, created the futuristic costumes in the music video of Thunder, of the hit making US band Imagine Dragons.

Thunder is the second single dropped from the alt-rock group’s forthcoming third album Evolve, a follow-up to the 2015 Platinum-certified Smoke + Mirrors.

Shot in black and white and directed by Joseph Khan (also the director of Taylor Swift’s music video for Bad Blood, Blank Space, and Out of the Woods), the video was largely filmed in Dubai Design District (D3), the so-called center of the city’s creative community. Incidentally, D3 is where Loyola’s own design will open.

Loyola has started to strike out on his own after having worked in a bridal studio for seven years. One of his projects as a freelancer was the Splash 2017 calendar where he met Del Rosario, who was also tapped to do the creative direction of the Thunder music video.

By March 14, Loyola met the producer Jil Hardin to discuss design requirements. The main directive was that costumes should be “alien” inspired. On the same day, he was asked to propose designs and materials. Fittings would already take place on the 16th because Imagine Dragons was shooting the video on March 17.

His commissioned pieces included a metallic silver jumpsuit, and male pants and padded tops made of neoprene. The costumes became quite a scene-stealer against the black-and-white backdrop, seemingly reinforcing the song’s theme of “embracing the different” as interpreted by music fans.

Loyola also did the body strap that Dan Reynolds wore in the video.

Apart from the Imagine Dragons gig, his other showbiz-related project recently was doing a gown for Katrina Kaif, one of Bollywood’s highest-paid stars.

Loyola is now busy setting up his flagship store at the Dubai Design District and hopes to expand his business to his home country in the future.