Introducing Phi, Visualizing Your Web3 World that evolves with your On-Chain Activities

Why Phi?

How Phi works?

  • Phi Land — Lands generated from ENS domains. ENS can work as a Metaverse address system(e.g. vitalik.eth would be Vitalik’s Metaverse land address.)
  • Phi Object —Objects(ERC1155) tied to various on-chain activities.
  • Token Holding: Holding more than 1 ETH
  • Token Swapping: Swapped 1/5/10 times on Uniswap
  • NFT Holding: Holding 1 Loot
  • Voting: Voted more than 1 time on Snapshot.


  • Phi will be a symbolic place for your on-chain identity like a web3 Linktree, which can be your profile curated by yourself.
  • By using visualizations, Phi can onboard the casual crypto people into a deeper space.
  • Not only individuals but also DAOs/Protocols/Projects can own their land through ENS address to show their excitement.
  • Onboard the next billion people to the rabbithole of Crypto through amazing pixel art and gaming experience.



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Visualizing Ethereum as a Metaverse — build your web3 world that evolves with your on-chain activities.