Battle Hymn of the Angry Feminist
Mirah Curzer

Mirah, I’m so pleased you’re furious (!) But where are the other 3.5 billion women?

I’m an englishman who has been fighting for ‘real’ gender equality for many, many years. I believe I have something to contribute that has massive positive implications across the globe, but… The sad truth is that in my experience, women don’t seem to want to engage in the ‘nitty gritty’ of making gender equality happen. My girlfriend said to me the other day, “maybe you should focus on engaging men in this”. Really! And she’s got a good point.

I’m stunned by the… (I’m trying to find the words)… ‘acquiescence’ (?) of most women. The passiveness, the just, ‘not doing anythingness’ in the face of utter male abuse and domination of women across the globe. I just don’t understand why more women are not furious. I would be if i were a woman. I’m furious and I’m a man. Women like you seem to be few and far apart. That’s wrong.

I have founded the Phi Assembly which I believe could be massively effective in readjusting the balance of female and male energies in the way the world in managed, and quickly. It’s my life project.

In a complete simplification, I have found (in trying to engage women in the Phi Assembly — or even just the gender inequality problem), that you either get the “men are bastards” type who really just want to shout (and that’s never going to change the world). Or you get the “well what can I do?” type, who also are not going to change the world! We need action, clear thought, campaigning and non acceptance, and dismantling of the status quo.

Apart from the complete wrongness of suppression, domination and abuse of half of our species, we humans *desperately* need the wisdom and intuition of women to help fix the catastrophe that this male-dominated world has created. And so to start with, we need an organisation of global importance, that has the right balance of female and male energies, it’s that simple.

I’m new to Medium, and actually to social media and I’m utterly disgusted that some men threaten rape. What a depraved attitude from scared little men. I did not even conceive that that, would be something that happens… I apologise on behalf of those lost souls.