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Stackdriver Alerting on policy changes to BigQuery Datasets

Where’d that come from?

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This topic again?

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Out with the old

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…Using CloudScheduler, Pub/Sub, CloudFunctions and a little bit of Node.js

StackOverflow Gods, why have you forsaken me?

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Why Bad and Stale Data is Keeping You From Delivering More Value

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Predicting Whiskey Preferences in GCP

“I’m looking for…

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You’re just doing it wrong

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Why you should be using weighted averages

A whiskey by any other name… or appearance?

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Why thinking about what data you want at the start helps in the end

Where to begin?

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A chronicle of cloud, analytics and whiskey

What’s this all about?

Phil Goerdt

Consultant. Data & Cloud architect. Founder. Petrolhead. Traveler. Foodie. Geek. Opinions my own.

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