Day 3, my experience at Andela

I have programmed for a while now but it has never been more intense and challenging yet interesting. Indeed one of the main killers of motivation are obstacles and challenges. How one manages to over come each one of them determines his success. Indeed it is said, suicide is not a solution but a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I have so far been challenged each stage of the way. I have met so many obstacles but I choose to remain resilient and determined.

I have have learned a lot especially when it comes to challenges that are new. To be able to understand that I am headed right into defeat, and I reach out for help. The most amazing this is that, that help is available with in the team.

Although I have used Test driven development before during this bootcamp I have been intrigued by its power. Its ability to control yet give freedom to developers who are collaborating. It sounds like democracy. It propels its agility as programmers end up with coherent flow of functionality.

The other experience is version control, on git hub. It has been intriguing even though I have always has an account. But to be able to belong to a larger community of people sharing a passion, to be able to look at each others progress. Its something I hope to keep on establishing as I develop. The struggle continues, TIA.