7 Thoughts On the Naked Trump Statue

1. I have a dream that politicians will be judged by the content of their character (or lack thereof) rather than by how much they weigh.

2. Never gets old to use fat as the cudgel, huh?. #NeverTrump’s a bigot, a supporter of torture, ignorant, crass, hateful, a liar, a misogynist … any number of things. So by all means, make fun of him for being fat. Art doesn’t always win: sometimes being a nasty, motherfucking, fat-shaming asshat does the trick as well.

3. It’s an amazing thing to wake up, click on your FB feed and see scores of your friends laughing and mocking a statue that looks remarkably like you. I even saw someone who I know use the phrase “I can’t unsee this”–the same type of remark that the evil Playboy woman made when posting the body shaming photo of an unaware stranger changing at the gym. My “friend” was pissed at that one (rightfully so.) She should be pissed by this too.

4. If I had come across one of those naked Trump statues I would have come back with a sledgehammer and destroyed it (and I hate the motherfucker.)‪#‎NotEvenTrump

5. Fat shaming and fat hate are not considered a bias by most folks in America. The asshats at INDECLINE, by doing such a high profile fat hate campaign, are signaling that this is an acceptable way to critique someone.

6. Fat males often develop what is known as “buried penis.” Google it and see if you still think that this is an appropriate line of attack against a person. I cry every day because of mine.

7. Wasn’t ANYONE thinking about how to make a statement against an intolerant, offensive, bigoted and narrow-minded bully like Trump ever taught as a child that two wrongs do not make a right and not to stoop to his level?

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