By Phil Rolen

Seriousness, I could build a bunker for kings in all the years I have spent on serious. The weight of the world based on heavy things during heavy days. Assuming others anguish, analyzing problems of the nations. Simply willing resolution, grinding my teeth to the gum looking for fires to extinguish. Day by day, night by night, fighting the fight bit by bit, byte by byte.

How many days did I pray for God to spare the world from the crows? How many sleepless nights have I spent — -at this point no one knows? Medications provided, in therapists deepest thoughts confided, yet the seriousness stays no time to delay.

And yet for all the lost days — -time spent building my bunker of backup plans against the invisible hour- glass’s sand — -the status quo stays. There is no change. So the question is why struggle against it at all? Why fight the good fight if in the end its all destined to fall? I guess the answer is because from the very beginning that has been our call. So in the end we are welcomed amongst the good and faithful. So the stories of our efforts can be rivaled among the fabled.

We fight to survive. We are serious because of all of the lives. Lives before and lives to come. I guess it’s our job to run the serious race till it’s done. Life may never reveal to us the extent of our efforts. Maybe life is to run and our efforts simply have no extent. At the very least we can look back on the time that we spent and with a stiff upper lip we can hold our heads high. With confidence we’ll confide in those deified at the thoughts that we thought and in the lives we took pride, just hoping against hope that perhaps we did it all right. Thank God for forgiveness.

Its all pretty serious.

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