Do Something Fun:

Doing something fun was not a challenge for me. I have very adventurous friends and we spontaneously decided to have a throwback to our childhood and go apple picking for something fun to do with our Friday! This is the perfect way to enjoy fall and have a fun filled day. At the apple orchard we played on the tire swing and picked apples from the highest trees. This is a fairly typical activity that we made enjoyable by taking on the day like we were little kids again. (Side note, I highly suggest Minnetonka Apple Orchards, super cute place)

Mind Map:

I immediately used the online mind map creator instead of drawing on paper.

Suggested Themes:

Financial Well-being:

I found this category very interesting to come out of health and well-being. Finances can impact families and relationships and can have an affect on students and investments. It would be interesting to explore a product that would help people budget money, whether it is an app that shows how much money your spending each week, how much your investments are bringing in, how much of your money is being allocated for rent and utilities and necessities each week. It would be nice to be able to have a product that has everything in one place so people can manage their finances in a healthy way.


Pinterest is used to inspire people on many ideas. Lots of people use pinterest to discover workouts and food recipes. It would be interesting to form a website/app that is specific to healthy lifestyles like fitness and healthy food. If there was an app that specifically had the food videos for new healthy recipes and quick videos of workouts. Exploring technology, encouragement, social media, health and well being.


Relationships is an interesting theme too explore within the realm of health and well-being. Healthy relationships entail many facets and it would be interesting to create a product that could help people reflect on their relationships and discover if it is a healthy relationship, and if not, how to create one.

10 Silly Ideas:

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