How might we: save water doing basic activities

My General IDEAS

New Warm Up Game

Association Story: I wanted to combine the improv game of Free association with words and one word story. My game is also inspired by the A Capella challenge in the Movie Pitch Perfect.

Directions for Association Story:

  1. One person starts telling a story: fictional, non-fictional, fairy tail, or whatever they want.
  2. The story must change to a new story that still relates whenever someone wants to jump in. Story continues to change as people add to it with a new story.
  1. Example:

Person 1: Jack and Jill went up a hill, they found a gingerbread house at the top….

Person 2: The ginger bread house was home to the seven dwarfs. The seven dwarfs sang hye ho hye ho off to work we go.

Person 3: Then the seven dwarfs break into song and dance, singing “we are all in this together”.

4. The story was changed by adding new stories to the original story. Each person must talk until they are interrupted.

Session Organization

I organized an idea generation session with my neighbors who all can relate to the topic of water usage in different unique ways. I hosted this at my apartment and served dinner!

I introduced them to some Improv-warm up games during dinner: Word Association, One Word Story, and my new game- Association Story. They were able to play the two games that sparked my new game.

Pictured: Business Student, International Traveler, Designer, Venue Apartments Leasing Agent, International Missionary, and Engineer

The session in full took about 1 hour including the instructions and warm ups. It took about 40 minutes for instructions and warm ups and dinner and another 20 minutes to come up with ideas before they were completely over it. Haha, they claimed they were out of ideas.

Ideas Generated: 30 ideas

IPM: 1.5 a minute

I feel like they did not come up with many ideas, but it was really hard for them since this was the first time they ever did something like this, and most of them do not need to be creative for their majors.

Sorting and Voting

My group organized all the ideas into 4 categories.

Categories: Nature Generated Water, No Water Necessary, Water Recycling, and Water Timers

For voting, I gave each member three stickers like we do in class and they were able to chose their favorite three. This also helped me narrow down my top 10 choices.

Top Ideas

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