Going Electronic: From Bob Dylan to Tame Impala
Jack Staid

Nice article. Echoes what my friend James wrote about Dylan (quoted below) in this Medium piece — https://medium.com/a-longing-look/your-useless-and-pointless-knowledge-684251bb31bd.

“This is what it’s like to be Bob Dylan. A whirlpool of expectation and disappointment.

That’s what it was like when he went electric. When he went country. When he wore eyeliner. When he was born again. When he lost it. When he got it back. When he didn’t speak at the gig. When he did a Christmas album. When he covered Sinatra.

Basically, every two or three years, for more than half a century, that’s what it’s like to be Bob Dylan. Some people disappointed by you changing all the time, others convincing themselves they know the ‘real’ you.

Dylan couldn’t win and so he gave up trying.”

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