Doomed To Face 1984 in 2015?

By Phil Lavery

As a teenager my friends and I used to talk about what life was going to be like in the 21st Century. We’d talk about cameras on every street corner, an increased police presence, and an overall controlling state of all private affairs. A year or two went by and our stoned visions of 1999 came to pass as reality.

After 9–11 and beyond this question of paranoia or reality continues to find its way on the lips of intelligent Americans. There are many questions that haven’t been answered; such as how the three inch Patriot Act was put together so quickly after those horrid events of that fateful day in September. Freedom was redefined in congress during a Christmas holiday when many weren’t even in the chambers to vote on it, let alone read it.

So a year or so goes by and the propaganda machine is running at full capacity. Showing images of the towers collapsing, the same video of the Afghanistan Al-Qaida training camp, people jumping out of the windows to choose a quick death rather than burn alive us as a nation was pumped for war. Then a funny thing happened and Iraq was somehow tied to 9–11 and possessing weapons of mass destruction. At that time more than 50% of Americans drank the kool-aid being poured down our throats. The propaganda was doing its job very, very well.

But as we jump 11 plus years to the present Americas propaganda isn’t working so well anymore. After the crippling blow to our economy in ’08 and a greater awareness of asking questions rather than blind obedience we as young Americans have grown smarter and more resistant to the folly of mass propaganda.

Post Edward Snowden and National Defense Authorization Act even previously skeptical baby boomers are beginning to put electrical tape over their laptop cameras. The Obama Administration of “Change” has lost their former appeal. As Obama’s NDAA executive order of 2011 gives our government the power to kidnap people from their homes and lock them up never to be seen again. I don’t believe I’m being dramatic or paranoid when I state that there is something wrong with that. The only “change” people seek come in the form of nickels and dimes. Dare I say that young Americans have lost faith in their democratically elected government? It seems so…

With mostly low level service jobs, inflation of all goods, not much manufacturing, and baby boomers about to retire without pensions we have to fight for any job available to us. Colleges are 10 years behind the times, and grade schools are 20, so it’s becoming more and more unlikely that a college grad will find a legitimate career in their respected field of study. A college grad today can expect nothing but only hope for payoff.

What a run we had though. It was fun while it lasted. In ten years we look back at the 1970’s thru 2001 as the “good ole days”. Now, slowly but steadily, the American dream of wealth, careers, normal family life, privacy, and freedom is fading with time, as do our short memories.

For those that were small kids when 9–11 happened must understand that facial recognition cameras on downtown street corners aren’t normal. Neither has it always been normal to carry a computer in your pocket that can and is used to track, listen, watch, and hold personal information about you as you go about your day. Yes, unfortunately it does matter if you’re “not doing anything wrong”. As you’re reading this column there are people in offices coming out with the next gadget to vanquish any privacy you believe you still have. The government also has privatized prisons for profit. And guess what, they need to be 90% full to turn a profit so when you get pulled over by the police and your hearts racing remember that some of them are looking for a reason to take you in.

Distractions and daily comforts are keeping otherwise vocal citizens quiet for the most part. When 9–11 happened a major news network broadcasted Palestinian people seemingly happy about the terror attack, but it later came out that they were simply given free food and candy in between being shelled.

Us as the youth of a great nation we need to go beyond “liking” a facebook post or re-tweeting a cleaver comment on Ferguson and other similar wrongs. We must rise up and vote. We should feel obligated to take to the streets, overturning the extension of the “Patriot Act” and the NDAA. We must prove ourselves worthy of this responsibility and burden. With any luck we can salvage our privacy and keep ourselves from being harassed by the police state America has become. If not we will be doomed to a “1984” existence.

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