Too Lazy for Facebook

Are you tired all the time? Do you catch yourself being late for work or school because you pushed the snooze button four times too many? Did that happen to you today? If so, you might be lazy.

As our internal clocks continue ticking down to ‘zero hour,’ most of us reach a point in life where we try to evaluate what our perceived potential is. After this rigorous self-evaluation, one then realizes how close or far one truly is from maximized self-potential. This deep seeded self-diagnoses is often followed up with a new vigor to reinvent our daily habits to reach our goals that seem plausible, if not probable.

Some stick to it, others will not, falling into the abyss of our own demons, or as I like to say, “And the laziness continues…”

Fortunately for me I realize that no one (even Michael Jordan) reaches their true maximum potential. Even still, changes have to be made.

For instance, when one is too lazy for Facebook, opting for YouTube every time, one knows that a change must take place in one’s daily routine.

Laziness was with me for quite some time, so I figure I’m somewhat of an expert.

The only way I could beat it was to fix a healthy sleep schedule (or die trying) and carry around a piece of notebook paper with a “to-do” list so I could remember everything I need to do. This may seem old school to many of you, but this is what works for me. I guess I got used to it with all those ‘post-it’ notes from the ‘90s.

Yeah, I’m old…stop judging!

Anyway, back to…oh right, laziness.

Are you unsure whether or not you are lazy? I’ll tell you this much, if you’ve read this much of my article, there’s hope for ya. Still on-the-fence? I’ll break it down Jeff Foxworthy style.

If you think about how soft your bed is more than three times a day, you might be lazy.

If you’re willing to readily accept C’s just because you didn’t like showing up more than five times this semester, you might be lazy.

If you consider smoking pot to be a collegiate sport, (yeah, I went there) you might be lazy.

But why change? I mean, college really isn’t all that hard and don’t we all want to prolong our responsibilities for as long as possible? Yes, being responsible is shit (if you have kids I don’t envy you, except maybe Christmas) but sooner or later the time comes when life throws you a test, a make-or-break type of deal. This usually comes in the shape of a job, career, relationship, or relationship with kid(s) but I’ve heard of much stranger “tests” so don’t feel bad if I left you out, just remember…Obamacare may cover your psychiatrist’, but it doesn’t cover legal fees.

Anyway, the point here was to “learn you somethin’” while having a laugh, but if you think you might be lazy then you’d best do something about it, ‘cause laziness untreated is no laughing matter.

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