Where Did Our Parents Go Wrong?

My generation is slowly turning ourselves into a group of freeloading, lazy, wimps who will not amount to the greatness past generations have done before us. I am fortunate enough to have parents who make me follow through with things, instead of them doing the rest for me. When my grandfather was in his early years eighteen year old kids would be storming the beaches of Normandy, compared to the eighteen year old kids now a days that need a “safe space” because their feelings get hurt. From a young age parents pound the idea that there are no winners and losers, and effort is what matters. The parents that say this are wrong, in this new job economy the people who get the ideal jobs are the winners and the people that end up flipping burgers are the losers. Over the next few posts I will be talking about how and why this generation is like this, and why it needs to change for the sake of everyone.