As somebody who wants to lead change in some way, you know that you will have to get visible with your opinions in order to let people know the change you are called to lead. It’s inevitable. To spread the word around what you believe in and what you take a stand for.

A woman with red curly hair looks on with a cup of coffee.
A woman with red curly hair looks on with a cup of coffee.
Photo by Author.

This prospect is rarely an exciting one, not for most people.

Why is that?

Because it takes tremendous courage to publicly declare the stance you take on a subject — what if others disagree? What if they attack me? …

You don’t need to teach everything you know, just give them something valuable to play with

An entrepreneur with glasses and a blue shirt looking to the camera
An entrepreneur with glasses and a blue shirt looking to the camera
Cahit Ali — Photo by Author

As a Conscious Entrepreneur, you know that it’s essential to occupy a spot in the awareness of your target audience

To make your mark, plant your flag and establish foundations for your ‘thought-leadership’. So you decide to develop a practice of creating regular content for your tribe.

You sit down at the keyboard knowing you’ve got to cook something up, some quality content that will land with your audience- but where to begin? What to focus your precious time and energy on?

You bounce from one subject to another, tying yourself in knots and eventually settle on a topic you feel will land really well.

But the more you consider this subject, the more you realise that actually what you’re…

And honestly, that’s okay.

To all intents and purposes, you are ready to go live with the new website. All your links are working, the copy is great, and it portrays what you do. Your product or service page is hooked up and ready for those clients. You’ve worked on this for months. Brilliant — ready to launch?

Well maybe…not quite yet.

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You tinker with the logo again, switching to a serif font, away from the san-serif. …

Henrietta Szovati

The spotlight is very much front and centre on us as we put ourselves out into the world. This can be a crippling position for us to take up if we haven’t occupied this space before. We make up a story that the entire world is looking at what we are doing and, just waiting poised like a coiled viper for us to screw up. A grammatical slip up on our website, an unflattering headshot alongside our latest blog post, not having the poetry of well formed words falling from our lips when somebody asks what we do.

Let the…

Moni Soos

We all feel off course at times in our life, we lose the path, feel directionless. This is part of the process of course, a side effect of a busy modern life.

When we lose sight of our ‘why’ we drift, life starts to push us around from pillar to post, it demands we get absorbed in day-to-day dramas, the things that shout the loudest and demand our immediate attention. These in turn become the centre of our universe. Our dreams and ambitions get swallowed up and obscured by the trivialities and social noise.

In order to recalibrate, we need…

At the start of your great business or coaching endeavour you had a plan. A good plan. An intention and powerful focus coupled with the drive and determination to carry it forward into the great blue yonder, you didn’t need anyones permission. Such was the rightness of your undertaking. It dripped with potential.

Time moves along and your heroes journey finds pot holes along the road, dips and turns that come out of nowhere, for example you start a trend of saying ‘yes’ to any potential client because well it’s money and you need money. Maybe you get caught up…

Being a conscious entrepreneur, a coach, an agent of change means having a very personal motivation to bring something radical to the world. All too often because your cause is so great, and so much a part of your being, fear creeps in and leads to paralysis when it comes to crunch time.

Just as you are all-set to launch the project, website, mission statement or proposal into the world, you find perfectly justifiable reasons as to why now, is definitely not the right time.

In reality, it really is never the right time.

I used to tame and hold back so much of what was wanting to be…

Phil Askew

Coach, Photographer & Filmmaker who’s passionate about supporting Solopreneurs to live the mission that matters.

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