I’m a little confused by this article.
Mike Larson

Ainge had the top pick overall and managed to draft a pretty good player in Jayson Tatum while maneuvering a pretty high first round pick from Philly (either the Lakers’ 2–5 protected 2018 pick or the Kings’ 2019 pick, either of which Philly owns). He also managed to land a pretty good free agent target in Gordon Hayward, who made the All-Star Team in the Western Conference last year. For the record, that would be the conference with better players and tougher competition for those last remaining slots. While not landing Paul George in a trade is disappointing, it isn’t a negative since they didn’t give up assets. Lost opportunity, yes, but Ainge, from all indicators, offered a better package than most other teams and if the Pacers didn’t want to take it and ended up taking a lesser one from the Thunder, that’s not Ainge’s fault. Better to let that opportunity slip by than to overpay and end up losing the future.

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