How I Gained 101 New Twitter Followers in 28 Days (yep, just the 101 … not thousands, soz)

I followed about 400 new people.

I tweeted about twice a day (through the week, at least).

That’s it, really.

Things to Consider

  • I only followed copywriters, graphic designers, and marketers
  • I only followed those with low-to-moderate followers (with the exception of a few heavyweights who caught my eye along the way)
  • I tweeted my own content, mixed in with the content of others, and the odd multimedia post (using Twitter Dashboard to schedule two per day)
  • I tweeted my new content, my older content, my content on other websites, and my Medium posts
  • I recycled some of my old Google+ posts because I was lazy
  • I used hashtags like #copywriting, #contentmarketing, #writingtips — depending on the nature of each tweet
  • I found people who matched the profile of my target reader at the Content Cavern*, then I explored their followers to find lookalikes
  • I found the time to do this during the load screens of RainbowSix Siege

*The Content Cavern is a side project that I run with my dad, who is a freelance copywriter

Why Am I Bothering to Share This Twitter Strategy with You, When the Results Are So Microscopic?

I now follow 905 people.

601 follow me.

That’s 101 more than when I started the new approach 28 days ago.

It’s not a jaw-dropping amount, I know. But 95% of those people match the creative marketers we write for at the Content Cavern.

That’s 101 more people potentially seeing our content on Twitter (the only channel we have the time to bother with right now).

Some might think the balance is off between how many people I follow versus how many people follow me.

But when you have a quiet word with yourself, does that ratio really matter?

I know some people who go as far to unfollow people on a regular basis — just to maintain the balance of perceived popularity and importance.

Because if you follow more than follow you — you’re uncool, somehow.


Anyway, my point is that by just opening the Twitter app on my phone between rounds of RainbowSix, I managed to find 400 qualified readers for our website, and about 85 of those decided to follow me back.

Three of them went on to sign-up to our free membership at the Content Cavern.