You were probably guilty of it, too.

Involuntarily smirking every time she appeared onscreen.

Hailing her your “favourite character” for making you belly-laugh out loud.

Cherishing every comic relief moment she owned between the more emotional scenes of Orange is the New Black.

Crazy Eyes.

For 10 episodes she played the jester.

And in ONE line, fastened into the script like a tripwire by Lauren Morelli, her innocence* blows up in your face. Mine too.

“Just one question … why do they call me ‘Crazy Eyes’?”

I haven’t even finished the episode (and I realise how late I am to the party, yes, I’m an idiot).

But I had to stop and write down some kind of appreciation — for what is a class example of how robots can never replace human writers. The excellent ones, at least.

The writers willing to plunge into the depths of a character and hold their breath for longer, and longer, and longer … until they discover a line like that.

Incompatible with anything outside of the series.

Meaningless without the 10 previous episodes.

Genius nonetheless.

*I don’t mean “innocence” as though she is “innocent” of her charges. Just the “innocence” that is probably in us all if you dive deep enough.

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