New experiences, new beginnings, new…

The sky darkens. Is it from the impending nightfall, or the approaching storm?

The small streaks of sunshine that penetrate the clouds suggest it’s just nightfall. The violent waving of large tree branches suggest it’s the storm.

Either way, we know that neither the darkness of night, nor the darkness of storms will last forever. In the morning, a new experience is revealed by the light of a new day.

New experiences, new beginnings, new…


What was once old is new again. The things we split apart become whole as past experiences show us paths not yet seen, not yet taken. Things come together.

The old paths become the new paths, winding around to mysterious adventures and unknown places — or are they? Have we been here before? Have we seen these things before? Questions we sometimes ask, but never admit the answer.

We fear the dark because of what we cannot see, but as we’ve been told, there’s nothing in the dark that’s not in the light. Some take solace in that, but I do not. I do not because the light does not always reveal what was hidden in the darkness.

What we don’t admit to ourselves is Dark and Light are the same. The sun in your eyes and the pitch black of night equally hide and blur what might otherwise be clear.

But, in those moments…

…the moments when the balance of light and dark is just right, we see what needs to be seen. And in those moments, clarity is just the beginning.

The beginning of…



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