hard to believe it was five years today since the ef 5 that took so many. .. #imwithphil


having trouble reading that date and time and computing in my own head what has changed in my life, in the life of those that still live in phil campbell, alabama. what does a 2016 phil campbell look like now, have they changed, are we all still here. have we moved our lives forward and do we still give service and love back to others?

have to admit after the ‘im with phil’ get together in phil campbell, alabama i retreated a lot to think and reflect on the journey. we had travelled from florida in the car with live streaming webcams on bambuser, fielded phone calls from lots of news agencies and did a phone call in via sky tv.

at the end of some early starts doing the weather with local news agencies, hearing stories of how a five year old was told to hide in a cupboard (making me think of ella at the same age) and numerous other stop and think moments i was spent.

with the funds from the twitter sale of me.dm )to one of the power of three — Ev Williams) it seems odd to be here using the very platform (medium/me.dm) see how that works to tell you about a time from five years ago. weird, how i eventually got back to my medium when i had put such a digital white line in the sand.

i think if it was not for the extra cash injection of the sale of the domain i would not have done a lot of things that year. certainly changed my world and direction in so many ways. bought a car, computer, new equipment and was doing pretty well with the cellar54 studio everyday.

sometimes wish i had that money all over again for the next part of the journey, hard to believe that was five year ago. so ready to start the next chapter in spain making a digital retreat for creatives from those shipping containers. i know damn well if i had that money all over again i would be typing this from the back of a vw t5 transporter with little instagram video clips each night on the progress of the install.

so, five years ago today. that 215 mph EF5 tornado touched down just outside of phil campbell and rushed through killing 27 people, devastating 40% of the town, we went a month after it happened, everything in places still upturned and with trees broken like toothpicks. i’ve still got some footage i never released on wistia. i should pull it together.

i’m thinking of going back to phil campbell, alabama if i can get the funds together in time, to see where people are in their lives. to help out again maybe for the day, shake some hands and see how life has been since we last were there. i know we were tourists in what they went through but i hoped that our presence was seen as supportive and that they felt that we cared.

i’ll let you know if i’m going back…

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