premium pack roll out starts over on — i’d buy that for a dollar $


$1 dollar packs.

yep, one tiny little dollar.

for over fifty unique pictures that are all cc0 creative commons zero photos to use anywhere you want. pretty neat huh?

save time trawling our site and instead grab the pack you need from our
gumroad for nomad pictures. excited to use gumroad a lot more over the course of this year, especially when we get into 4k video.

yes, that’s coming (we got a great .video domain!)

photos that you know are from one origin source, that won’t have any copyright issues and can be used anywhere are valuable for creatives and bloggers worldwide that are constantly putting out blog content. the reason for the pricing point is that we still had to make some graphics up and zip them up and spend a little time on the sorting.

we have put up the first three sets, city, nature and food/drink — the first 150 pictures from each group are now live. this makes us super happy and hope you love them too, no searching around the website for that perfect picture, we hand selected 50 for you — we will improve these over time.

find us daily on anchor, read a bit of legacy, work and skills (if you want to hire me) and how we sustain ourselves. a move to spain is planned to build a retreat for creatives who are burnt out or wanting change. right now places like derby, chattanooga, estonia also look appealing as part of the digital nomad journey. come join our slack and buying either me or dayle coffee keeps our day swinging along :)

support our output by taking our udemy courses, ordering our fiverr gigs (phils & dayles) or grabbing free cc0 photos @ we also write over on heydayle & mutherbored and our global virtual mental health squad lives at— engage and connect!

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