If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

the vast majority of “msm” has been flat out lying to people for decades. lying about vietnam, lying about 9–11 and then our justification for the iraq war. they lied about bernie and they lie about big everything’s connection to politics and the damage it has done to the american way of life. i do agree that the author is 100% correct in assuming that trust is never coming back, and to be fair why should it? the mainstream narrative has been “treason is OK” for a long time now. GOP’ers tried to influence the iran treaty, was it treason? absolutely but no one ever faced any consequences. we know for a fact the DNC colluded with hillary and committed election fraud in multiple states during the primaries. is that treason? absolutely but no one was ever held accountable for that either. there’s really only one party in this country, the RICH. everyone else is getting crushed and most are too stupid or caught in the “mainstream narrative” to even realize it’s happening.

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