1337 Coin Investment Review

Interestingly while doing my research on cryptocurrencies to invest in I came across 1337 coin which had some good fundamentals behind it!

Below I will list the Potential price sensitive news which would make 1337 coin to offer some serious gains. By meaning serious gains I mean 500% plus.

Its currently listed on CoinExchange and many other exchanges: https://www.coinexchange.io/market/1337/BTC

So i will list both the Pros and Cons .


1) **Integration in MINECRAFT**
As we all know Minecraft is one of the most played games and has over millions of users.
So the Creation of Minecraft Server should have a big impact on 1337 coin since Minecraft has a huge player base.

I believe gaming and cryptos normally have a big future ahead.

I look forward for more updates from the 1337 coin Developers regarding 1337 and Minecraft.

We all perhaps remember how Digibyte went up on the news about Minecraft from 100 sats to over 1500 ( More than 1000%) .
Will the same perhaps happen here , I guess we will have wait and find out.

**2.) Stake 2 Play Website**
This is certainly a great idea from the developers i believe which they have been working for quite some time since 2016 but according to their recent roadmap it says they are hoping to release it in Q3/Q4 so hopefully they get working on it.

Once the Site is released the potential it has to to reach a massive amount of online gamers could be massive. Execution by the 1337 Team would be key here.
Nonetheless it will serve as great price Catalyst for the 1337 coin.

**3.) New Logo**
Not sure whether this will have an impact but according to their twitter their currently running a logo contest for 1 million prize 1337 Coin.
I believe the 1337 coin logo does need a new better innovative design. So hopefully the new logo they choose will be eye catching.

**4.)Active developers**

There seems to be two twitter accounts one for active updates and one which has been their main account.

Plus not to forget their Reddit page which was mighty helpful and the youtube page.
**Reddit** : https://www.reddit.com/r/1337Foundation/

**Youtube**: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC905TTYyKHbYJBI6XRkIRGA/videos

Found it also interesting that 1337 Foundation indeed has donated to some charities. Certainly first coin i have come across doing say so hats to the developers for this

5.) Coin Future/ Roadmap.

Now if the developers can execute what they have stated above in their roadmap it will be great. Which I think should help with the success of the coin and perhaps help the coin make new highs. Do hope the developers actually can showcase this roadmap of theirs on their website so people dont have to be searching for it.

Now to move to the CONS!

The only worry for me is the Coin Supply which is about 23 Billion there about’s , I am sure the developers have thought about this and hopefully they can work around some way in reducing it .

Saying this there many coins which have huge supplies but yet gone to make massive improvements in price!
Bytecoin ,DOGEcoin and Digibyte and ESP are a few examples.

(ESP in fact I was lucky to get on under 5 sats when no one really looked into and 3 weeks later managed to hit ATH of 40 sats (800% Gain)

The rest of which are trading at above almost 100 sats currently.

Investment Conclusion: Like most if not all coin each coin comes with a risk attached to it So for me I do see the 1337 coin can have great long term future if the developers are true to their word and take the coin with full steam ahead.

As always this is only research which i have conducted my self so dont take what i have written as investment advice . For those looking at 1337 Coin should do their own research and make their own investment decision on it.

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