Chat Bots Aren’t a Fad. They’re a Revolution.
Chris Messina

This is a level header set of observations, good effort.

My first ChatBot was built in 1982 and since 2002 I’ve been singing the song of the arrival of the conversational layer.

It’s here right now and *if* the marketing BS and media sensationalism is kept under check there is a chance for a free-standing layer that sets the Internet back to it’s early days with respect to ethics, privacy and usefulness.

We need to move past, imho, advertising and surveillance as the backbone functions of the Internet and into a world where the conversational layer allows people to apply a new notion. YOYOL.

You Own Your Own Life.

All of the dozens of full system developments I have been involved in have lived according to these principles, even more explicitly now with the focus being on healthcare and education with a back set of interests around info-tainment.

Let’s make this happen folks :-)

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