All too often in life, we complain about the lack of opportunities. But there are no shortages of them.

You need to look, it sounds obvious, but all too often we are expecting people to know what we want when all our ideas stay in our heads.

If we send out the right signals, if we help others to understand our vision and if we take the time to actively look, then things will come.

People can not read our minds, they do not know what we have to offer if we don’t say.

We have to inspire others to want to be part of our vision.

Just switching the lights on, hoping that someone will find you, is not enough.

We have to broadcast, we have to inspire, yet this is not enough. We will get opportunities, more than we need.

The right one comes when you add what your values are and that you do not compromise them.

Only then will you get the right opportunity that will work and you only need one.

Originally published on Wordpress

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