Over the past few years, Phil Entzminger has been an avid world traveler, with his favorite destinations being Tokyo, where he found the people to be extremely organized and friendly and because the food and culture was amazing. He has also traveled to Finland, Italy, and some parts of South Africa at various times. For example, Phil Entzminger’s trip to Finland was part of his work as a freelance blog writer, working in the heart of Helsinki.

That city was impressive, given the healthy mix of city and rural life Phil Entzminger experienced there, and his memory of eating the…

Phil Entzminger has made a point to travel often and as he travels, he gets the opportunity to try new foods as well as see new things. His favorite place that he has traveled to is Tokyo, Japan, but he also enjoyed his time in Rome, Italy. He went to Rome, Italy in 2017 with his family. During this time, Phil Entzminger was able to admire the beauty of the vatican and its history as well as have the experience of making his own pasta. It was these experiences that have inspired him to continue traveling and exploring the world.

Phil Entzminger

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