Pet Peeves.

  • I’m annoyed as f**k when others expect every guy to speak broken English. Some guys even think less of a man who doesn’t speak broken English (pidgin). This is ridiculous and confirms the toxic masculinity prevailing in these parts of the world.
  • I hate it when others criticise the personal choices of others in order to influence them to do what they want, as if they are the gods of others . Avoid such people.
  • I hate it when people try to force their religious beliefs on others and imply with their words and actions that everyone must believe as they do .
  • And when people use their religious beliefs to discriminate against someone.
  • People who like attention and want to manipulate others for their gain
  • I f**king hate it when people disclose their private information to a stranger without someone asking them. Like shut up!, No cares about what car your boyfriend drives.
  • I am pissed when others criticises others who are quiet without trying to understand them.
  • Nosy people.
  • Drama queens
  • Rude customer service people
  • Crazy drivers

Ahh, that’s it. I got to vent here. Thanks Medium.!

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