The garden is thinning almost as much as my hair!! … and poultry shenanigans

Ok, so we thinned the garden ourselves. But that wouldn’t make for a fun headline now would it?!

The first thinning of the garden is complete. Thanks, Clare!! Yeah, I did none of it. My beautiful wife completed that task before I even had a chance to blink. I’m so thankful for her. You don’t find many beautiful women that love to get their hands dirty like she does!

We’re excited to continue to watch our plants grow. We are so excited we bought a few of those wire tomato cages for our tomatoes, peas and peppers. We found them on craigslist along with some lumber for our chicken run. Someone had a run/garden, decided to take it down and now selling the materials. We gladly swooped in and bought it all up.

The wifey installing our new tomato cages.

So I built a privacy wall for our patio out of 1x3 slats. Sitting on the patio now is really great. Not that we don’t love seeing our neighbors walk by. But it’s almost like an outside room of the house that we didn’t have before where we can hang out and watch the sunset.

Built by me. Beautified by Clare.

It just turned 8pm and the girls are still grazing all over the backyard. Mr. Coconut just politely watches them walk by him as they peck around the yard. Of course, we still have him on a leash just in case he decided he thought one of them looked like a really fast chew toy.

Even though she’s the most scared, Moorea, still has one of the prettier coloring schemes in our flock.

Also, our neighbor’s cat is sort of the neighborhood cat by day … and loves hanging out with our birds. We’ve watched him closely and he seems more afraid of them than they are of him. Here’s a shot of him lounging around while I hold one of the gals.

Loki likes being lazy — like most cats.

The last hen we haven’t found a name for, “the chicken formerly known as Picasso” as we currently like to call her, is also the most skiddish one. So I went and swooped her up and made her hang out with Clare for a few minutes. She’s the only one that clucks (almost) incessantly when you hold her and sometimes tries to slip out of your hands.

But boy isn’t she pretty??

Our two fav’s in our new shirts. Thanks, Twyla!

Next week we hope to have the new chicken run complete as well as plenty more pics to share! Until then, have an amazing and healthy week!

[No notes from the wife this week. Apparently I was too good and she couldn’t make it any better!]