The Last Auto Mechanic
Tom Price

Hi Tom,

I think I follow along with regards to automobiles, but with regards to trucking, it seems like energy density of batteries would have to greatly expand before diesel fuel is replaced in big-rigs and large vehicles (buses, tractors, construction equipment, etc). Diesel seems to have about ~13x density per liter versus current Lithium-ion if I’m understanding the wiki page correctly. Thus 150 gallons of diesel (~1000 lbs) would be ~ 13,000 lbs of battery.

The battery swap-0ut theory feels like an attempted end-run around this problem. Are there any actual implementations of this yet? Isn’t this like saying all of our cars could run on hydrogen, if only we built an elaborate hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

Doesn’t mean that trucks won’t be autonomous (nothing prevents a diesel truck from being autonomous) , but my guess is that the transport industry will stay diesel-based for much longer than the transition of personal transport.

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