Why I owned a Macbook Pro for a day — and what it says to me about the future of Apple
John Risby

Sorry to hear about your experiences. You’ve got me a bit paranoid about my MacBook Pro touch bar model now, I’m listening for creaks and squeaks and trying to decide whether it passes the tap test!

There is a bit of deja-vu about this in that, having been a Mac user since the early-90s, I recall similar problems (in terms of their trajectory from Apple denial to acceptance to repair program) with one or two incarnations of the PowerBook range over the years. So this is not new for Apple.

Like you, I stick with Apple because the OS is still superior, and generally their products last many years (I’m typing this on a MacBook Pro 2009 model which is my general purpose ‘home’ Mac now). What’s most disappointing for me is their move to non-upgradeable hardware. I love the speed and power of my new ‘Pro, but in a few years it will probably be essentially an expensive brick. While I’ll hopefully still be able to upgrade my 2009 ‘Pro for years to come (and it still has the best array of ports in any laptop ever).

But right now the new ‘Pro is my development machine and I’m very productive with it, and as such the cost has repaid itself. Would I buy another? Yes. Would it be with reservations? Absolutely!

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