`There is a real danger that the gaming industry will come in last with the best VR experience, by…

Hi Marko, thanks for the response.

Agree with you that it will “kick in hard,” I’m excited because I’m a gamer. Howver, I would say the following in response.

The primary audience for those AAA studio games will still be the “converts” ie existing console/PC gamers, who are — despite the size of the gaming market that by some accounts out-capitalises the movie market — not the “mass” audience that the New York Times, VRSE, Google Cardboard etc are targeting (the “yet-to-be-converted”).

After all, New York Times and Google don’t monetise through flagship game sales at $60 a pop, they monetise attention through advertising at a few $ per thousand impressions (although I’m sure the NY Times is looking to work out their business model towards high-value brand partnerships rather than just selling impressions against VR experiences). In other words, these guys need to reach audiences an order of magnitude greater than Activision, EA et al in order to make money.

So it’s not just the gamers (who are waiting for Oculus Rift, Morpheus, Vive — and relatedly — Microsoft HoloLens) at stake here, it’s a far larger group of people.

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