So, who are these people of all races that are good friends with Mr Bannon?
Jacky Smith

From the New York Times:

“…”several of Breitbart’s top editors and managers are Jewish — as was Mr. Breitbart himself — and the site is staunchly pro-Israel. They also point out that Mr. Bannon’s longtime assistant, Wendy Colbert, is African-American; so are Sonnie Johnson, a conservative writer he promoted on Breitbart, and a former Goldman colleague who has been a close friend for three decades and considers Mr. Bannon family, but who asked not to be named to avoid a flood of media attention.

Mary Beth Meredith, Mr. Bannon’s sister, said accusations of personal bigotry against him were “absolutely absurd.” “We have interfaith marriages in our own family,” she said. “We have interracial marriages — our family is a microcosm of the U.S.”…

Bannon appointed Raheem Kassam editor-in-chief of Breitbart London.

There is plenty of stuff on Google image search if you look.

Even Wikipedia includes Tommy Robinson’s history of dissociation from real racists and neo-Nazis. He left the EDL after he had spent time in prison and discovered that the EDL had added racist members while he had been gone.

There is plenty of respectful relationships on record, even when there is not agreement; between Robinson and people like Tapan Ghosh, Mohammed Ansar, Maajid Narwaz, Mohammed Tawhidi, and Sa Ra Garvey.

Did Hitler or David Duke ever get photographed in this way?

Scroll down to image on this page (a capture of some of Tommy Robinson’s selfies on Twitter):