Phillip — Yes, the public domain is not adequate for reasoned discussion about immigration issues.
Rick Schoff

Most of the Australian media is like the New York Times. “The Australian” is the one like the Wall Street Journal. There is a “Spectator Magazine” Australian edition which is similarly angled to the British parent: somewhat non-PC.

My favorite source of commentary on Australia is “Macrobusiness” blog. They have the complexities fairly well sorted out, between immigration / racism / urban planning / house prices / overloaded infrastructure / wages pressure etc. They are a refreshing difference to the “mainstream” position that opposing immigration is “racist”; housing prices as they are, are a “new normal”, not a bubble; property investors are clever and wise and “wealth creators”, and non-property investors and those who can’t afford a home at all are “losers”. And saving the planet from urban growth is a religious duty. And crashes like what happened in Spain, Ireland and California are because those places are “stupid”, while Australia is just “different”.

Why it is not self-evident that this will not end well for Australia, I don’t understand.