Of course he did.
Florida Fool

There is plenty of live footage of the day in Charlottesville to show just how biased this “Brookings” commentary is. For example, see the SonofNewo channel on YouTube, with lengthy analysis of hours of footage. Caveat to everything I am about to say: I despise white supremacists. But I love truth.

“… white supremacists marched, unmasked, in Charlottesville, Virginia. They soon turned violent. A neo-Nazi plowed into a crowd of counter demonstrators, injuring dozens and killing one woman…”

Facts: the white supremacists were a bunch of fat losers in polo shirts, probably on a rare outing into the sunshine while living in their parents basements. They were vastly outnumbered by goons of the Left with masks and clubs. The Police shut down the white supremacists and dispersed them. There was indeed violence on both sides, arguably instigated by the armed goons of the left. It generally takes two to make a fight, unless the Left are the only ones there. The pathetic showing by white supremacist groups and the leftist sowing of moral panic over it, is nothing more than a Reichstag-fire type beat-up from the Left, seeking to justify draconian actions against freedom that they will bring to bear on the large numbers of moderate conservatives whom they label as part of the “white supremacist” movement.

Furthermore, it is the goons of the left who again and again instigate the violence, against people who are NOT white supremacists, racists or fascists at all, and who have no intention of committing or instigating violence. And on the anniversary of Charlottesville when they turned up en mass again, they turned violent against the Police and against the Media presence. President Trump’s condemnation of “violence on both sides” is perfectly fair — it is Antifa that has the hair-trigger violence tendencies; we do not see the white supremacists, let alone ordinary conservatives and Trump supporters, initiating violence against property, the Police, media, and the staff of venues and institutions.

Back to Charlottesville on the fatal day. The white supremacists had been dispersed by lunchtime. The town was paralyzed for hours afterwards by mobs of leftists marching, blocking streets and chanting. They can be heard on footage singing “happy birthday, George Soros” (apparently it was indeed Soros’ birthday). Footage picks up James Alex Fields’ Dodge Challenger several times, cruising around the town and sometimes stopped. The intersection where the woman was killed, can be seen to have 3 automobiles stopped in the roadway for no reason several minutes before a marching mob of leftists arrives and blocks the entire road, obscuring the stopped automobiles from sight.

Fields’ Challenger can be seen by sheer coincidence on the footage of a cameraman named Ford Fischer — on his “reverse cam”, not his forwards-facing one — entering the fateful block a full minute before the fatal ramming. Therefore, he stopped on that block. Either weighing over the fateful decision to commit a terrorist ramming, or deciding what to do seeing the road was blocked, and maybe intending to try a u-turn.

In footage of the fatal intersection in the seconds before Fields’ Challenger appears, there are faintly audible sounds of impacts like clubs on a car, followed by Fields’ engine revving, followed by the Challenger appearing in the frame. Fields is alternately braking and accelerating, displaying none of the certainty of the terrorist ramming attackers we have become accustomed to on the other side of the Atlantic. The mob is largely successfully dispersing in front of the Challenger, with some people scrambling to safety across its bonnet and even over its roof. Ramming terrorists of the kind we have become tiresomely familiar with long since, go for the footpath, keep the pedal to the metal, and spew carnage from beneath their wheels.

Then the Challenger hits the rear of the hindmost of the three autos stationary in the roadway, that had been obscured from vision by the mobs of people. This results in frontal damage to the Challenger and rear-end damage to the other vehicle that nevertheless is not indicative of a very forceful impact — both vehicles would remain driveable. Ms Heyer (according to social media) is sandwiched between the rearmost vehicle and the one in front of it. She was not “run over by Fields”.

Only a moment after Fields’ car is stopped by its collision, masked goons with clubs run into the frame from up the street where Fields came from. They are far too active to be merely “responders to the incident”. In normal circumstances, it would take time for people frozen in shock, to get their wits together. These goons were obviously already pursuing Fields. He executes his only option — a high-speed reverse.

We have heard nothing since. It took a whole year to get Fields into a courtroom to plead, whereupon he pleaded “not guilty”. Silence has descended again since.

If Fields is a real terrorist in the service of his hateful cause, he will stand up in court like Timothy McVeigh and Anders Breivik, and tell the world how proud he is of what he did, and justify it by spouting the usual conspiracy theories that radicals are glad to have any platform for, even if it is a courtroom. IF, on the other hand, he says he was attacked while stopped prior to trying to u-turn to avoid a blocked intersection, and was fleeing, and in a panic, tried to force his way through the mob without realizing there were stopped vehicles also blocking the way —the only people who wouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt, are inheritors of the lynch-mob tradition who are desperate to have a “right wing radical” parallel to the epidemic of Muslim ramming terrorists, to throw back in the faces of the critics of multiculturalism.

Is the time delay because the establishment is frozen with fear at the prospect of the nationwide violence that will come from the Left if Fields gets a fair trial and is charged with something lesser than murder, terrorism, and hate crime? Is it a possibility that Fields gets sent up for murder, terrorism and hate crime in a wholly opaque process…? A “defence” lawyer “throws” the case…?

Ann Coulter is the only writer I am aware of who has been brave enough to likewise analyse this case according to what her eyes can see from the abundant video evidence.