Facebook Webinars, A Possibility?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing and running virtually full blown webinars on Facebook.

When I say “on” Facebook I mean 100% within Facebook’s ecosystem.

It’s taken many, many frustrating hours of testing and tweaking to get to the level of success we’re achieving now.

However, having done so.

I can see Facebook themselves moving into the webinar, online seminar, web conferencing, digital workshop, call it what you will, etc, etc, et al.

Let me expand on my reasoning.

You’ve probably watched and maybe streamed your own Facebook LIVE broadcast.

Typically, this is done via a mobile device to your personal profile.

However, you may not realise you can actually broadcast direct from your Facebook page.

LIVE Stream To Your Facebook Page.

Which in itself has many advantages.

However, there’s many MORE not so obvious places that you can LIVE Stream.

As you can see from the image above, Facebook has already enabled LIVE to be broadcast to numerous places.

The ‘interesting’ ones for those who want to run a webinar experience, are ‘pages & groups’.

Of course being able to broadcast to these is only part of the equation.

To provide your attendees with an engaging tele-seminar experience, wouldn’t it be great if you could actually present your slide deck or present your desktop LIVE?

Well thanks to third party broadcasting software such as Wirecast, OBS, Xsplit and ffmpeg, you now can and…

These tools are even recommended by Facebook themselves!

So we now have the ‘tools’ to present our Facebook LIVE streams as if they were true online presentations; however, you may be thinking…

“What about multi-presenter broadcasting?”

Well I’m glad you asked that (you did didn’t you?)

Only recently, Facebook announced they would be rolling out two-person remote streams, pre-schedule your streams and also they will be introducing virtual waiting rooms for attendees.

These are some pretty obvious clues as to where Facebook is heading with their LIVE offering.

When this will be rolled out fully, only The Zuck and his team of tech gods know.

However, I decided WHY wait.

“Surely I could reverse engineer a typical webinar funnel, hack some readily available technology and create an end-to-end webinar experience for my attendees”.

As it turned out I could!

What’s more, the engagement and social share aspect of these webinars far exceeded my experiences with the more traditional webinar solutions out there.

Sure my webinars didn’t have all the bells and whistles of the more established webinar platforms.

After all, how could one guy ‘hacking’ together a solution compare or compete with a multi-billion dollar corporation such as Citrix?

I didn’t have their multi-million dollar R&D budget or access to their lab full of egg heads.


I was able to cobble together ‘something’ that looked and felt like a webinar, allowed me to present my offering to my attendees and brought in sales.

Pretty, pretty good if you ask me.

Since the first ‘test’, I’ve gone on to run many more Stupidly Simple Webinars.

I began focusing more on the actual webinar funnel once I had the presentation and technology nailed down.

Running these webinars has now become a lot slicker despite only using free readily available software and the tools already built into Facebook.

Getting back to the initial topic… 
“Facebook Webinars, A Possibility?”

I’d say its a case of “not if but when” and I’m sure there is some team working like super intelligent beavers behind the scenes over at R&D in Menlo Park.

While we’re waiting for them to ‘crack their code’.

I’m happily running my little old hacked together Stupidly Simple Webinars :-)