Ship it!

There was a feeling of anticipation at AirShr on Friday.

At 4:30pm in Brisbane lovers of Nova 106.9FM were introduced to AirShr. This is our first outing in a metropolitan radio market and we have the opportunity to help well over half a million people discover for the first time in their life, that they can save, replay and share radio moments that changed their day. And that’s just the beginning of their journey to listening differently to radio.

‘Ship it!’ has significant meaning in our team and this week it’s been used more than normal. ‘Ship it!’ is the verbal approval (often matched by a high-five) that we celebrate when we are satisfied that our efforts have achieved a standard of product quality worthy of radio listener and broadcaster attention. It is by no means a final celebration but an opportunity to pause and reflect on our journey.

We also recognise the symmetry of commencing our exciting new partnership with Nova because the AirShr idea started with me wanting to desperately remember a radio moment I heard on Nova. That precise moment, when I realised wanting to remember a moment of radio was a recurring experience, marked the start of an obsession with building a product that would make life insanely simple to remember.

Since then I’ve pitched AirShr over 1,200 times, lived my greatest professional achievement (convincing my co-founder Opher to join the team) and together, we raised capital, and built a team and the first versions of AirShr. In the same period we have developed two super powers that we believe makes AirShr a powerful proposition — product engineering and partnerships. We approach product engineering on software and hardware with a beta focus, almost to the point where we are continuously (albeit constructively) dissatisfied with what has been built. Practically this means we design and build with an emphasis on learning through prototyping and no member of our team is precious about discarding code or a design if it doesn’t ‘just work’ in the hands of a listener or a broadcaster.

We apply similar focus to partnerships. In a marketplace where broadcasters are AirShr’s customers and listeners are our users, the need to develop productive partnerships that endure spectacular success and bumps along the road is essential. Our first partnership with WaveFM, a Grant Broadcasters radio station is a great example. The team at WaveFM invested effort and patience as we evolved product prior to launching our pilot in October. Both teams learned an extraordinary amount about how we can take regional radio to the next level with the AirShr platform. We look forward to those lessons being leveraged in the not too distant future.

As the working week begins and for those not in Brisbane, here’s how AirShr sounds on Nova 106.9FM.

I send sincere thanks to everyone who has backed our idea and vision. We consider every offer of feedback carefully and draw inspiration from your support. Time to get back to work to again earn the right to ask “Ship it?”

Originally published at on March 12, 2016.

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