🎧 Don’t Forget The Reward In The Risk/Reward Tradeoff

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If the conversations I’ve been having recently are anything to go by, there are many folks contemplating career changes.

While the magnitude of these proposed changes varies from moving companies to wholesale reinvention, fear of failure is stalling decision making. And it’s understandable. After all, there is a risk in reinvention but it’s important not to forget about the reward part of the risk/reward tradeoff.

This week’s guests on Founder To Founder have faced into reinvention and gone on to experience incredible journies, one as a serial entrepreneur with one exit (and who also makes the technology that brings you this newsletter) and the other went on to be the MD of Apple in Australia.

You’re in for a real treat with Martijn and Diana. Enjoy!

🎧 Episodes 25 & 26

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Episode #25 — player.whooshkaa.com

Martijn de Kuijper on the importance of networking, taking advantage of the time between ventures and how to learn from the content others curate.


Episode #26: — player.whooshkaa.com

Diana Ryall on why expecting the unexpected is important, the value of being clear on product and business model and the 3 habits that founders need to develop to be successful.

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Thanks again for reading, listening and sharing, it means a ton.

Have a great week!

- Phil

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