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[Podcast] Taking Chinese University Education To The Next Level: 5 Questions With Greg Nance Founder and CEO

It’s rare in life to immediately connect with a stranger. In June 2015 that’s exactly what happened when Greg Nance and I met at Asia’s answer to TechCrunch, the Echelon Summit in Singapore.

AirShr was nominated as Australia’s representative to attend the summit and Greg’s venture, then called ChaseFuture (now was China’s pick.

Greg (right) pitched 2 minutes after this selfie and he crushed it.

Through a series of pitches, AirShr and ChaseFuture were short-listed with eight other ventures to pitch to four high-profile VCs and a 3,000 strong crowd of media, investors and other entrepreneurs.

Since then we have shared successes and been each other’s sounding board on many founder issues. Recently Greg returned from the World Economic Forum in Davos and we had a chance to talk about life as a venture CEO and his case, finding time to be a (wait for it) ultra-marathon runner!

But before we get started…

Here’s a two-minute video introducing you to Greg.

Ready. Set. Listen!

Regular readers will know that increasing collective wisdom is my personal vision and doing ‘5 Question’ founder stories is one way to put a dent in that ambition. In 2017 founder stories will begin taking on a new form — podcasts. My hope is that listening to these stories on a commute or while exercising will help you learn tips and tricks about entrepreneurship from these incredible founders, each of whom are defying the odds every day to create new ways of living better lives.


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