Why Your Brilliant Idea Is Nothing New

Newsflash for budding entrepreneurs who think their latest concept is truly unique: the original idea doesn’t exist.

Everything has already been thought of by someone, somewhere. Search long and hard enough and you’ll eventually find ideas similar to yours. Maybe they even made it to market, maybe they didn’t; maybe they failed miserably — or perhaps they made a fortune.

If you claim that no-one has ever had or tried to capitalise on your idea, you haven’t Google’d enough.

It’s incumbent on venture founders to put time into researching similar ideas and their outcomes. This simple yet crucial step will enable you to see how you might take your idea and evolve it differently, or understand the reason for its original failure and opt to avoid the same type of pain.

Remember, it’s far better to fail quickly and cheaply than burning a bunch of cash, only to discover that you’re in a very risky situation because you didn’t think things through properly.

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